Lagu Penyanyi Solo Pria dan Wanita Korea yang Enak Didengar


1. Wet
2.Call You Mine
3.Erase (Feat Hyolin)
4.You And Me (Feat Kisum)
5.Can You Hear Me?
6.All Of You
7. Young (Feat Giriboy, Mad Clown, And No Mercy)
8. Planet Girl
11.Wine (Feat. G.Soul)
12.First (Feat Sole)


2.Erick Nam

1.Heavens Door
2.Ooh Ooh (Feat Hoya)
3. I’m Ok
4. Interview
5. Stop The Rain
6. Before The Sunset (Ost Mad Dog)
Cave Me In (Gallnat x Tablo)
7. One Second One Hour (Feat Park Boram)
8. Melt My Heart
9. Bravo, My Life (Ost Prison Playbook)

3. K.Will

1. Love Is Punnishment
2. Last Digit
3. Please Dont
4. A Slip Of Tongue
5. First Love End
6. Day 1
7. Is Not You
8. You Call It Romance (Feat Davichi)
9. Cold -(Ost Remember War of The Son)
10. Back In Time
11. Marry Me
12. Away
13. Need You
14. What Was That (Feat Mad Clown)
15. Melting (Ost Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)
16. Nonfiction (The 4th Album Part 1)
17.Goes Around
18. Fall in Love
19. Hello, Autum
20. The Person I Love (Ost Ruler : Master Of The Mask)
21. What Was That (Feat Mad Clown)

4.Roh Jihoon

 1. You Sing
2. If You Were Me
3. September 7
4. Sweet Girl
5. I Dont Remember

5.  Ailee

1.Mind Your Own Bisnis
2.Good Bye My Love
4.Are You The Same
5.Because Of Tears
6.Evening Sky
7.Love Note
9.Kiss (Feat wheesung)
10.I can’t Live without you (feat Truedy) 11.Ost  Entertainer
12. Home (Feat Yoon Mi Rae)
13. I Will go To You like The first Snow (Ost Goblin)
15. Fall Back

6. Lyn

1.Let Me be The Only One
2. To Turn Back Hands of Time
3. Blossom Tears (Feat Leo of Vixx)
4. My Destiny
5. Miss You Crying
6. Even if One day
7. Love Story (Ost The Legend Of The Blue Sea)
8. Anytime, Anywhere (Ost Saimdang, Light’s Diary)
9.Want To Be Free (Ost Dear My Friends Ost Part 3)
10. Only You

7. Baek Z Young

1. Still In Love
2. Is Crying
3. Let The Wind Blow
4. That Woman
5. Stand By Me
6. Your Mind
7. Love Is Over (Ost Love in The Moonlight)
8. Your Mind

8. Park Hyo Shin

1. Wild Flower
2. Snow Flower
3. Happy Together

9. Lee Hi

1. Breathe
2. Missing You
3. Rose
4. Hold My Hand
5. Its Over
6. Can You Hear My Hear – Feat Epik High (Ost Moon Lover- Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
7. Dream
8. Official -Feat Incredivle
9. Worl Tour -Feat Mino Of Winner
10. Foor For Love

10. Yoon Mi Rae

1. This Love
2. Always (OST Descendant Of The Sun)
3.I’ll Listen To What You Have Say (Ost School 2015)
4. How Are You
5. Nice To Meet You (Tiger JK)
6. Baby (Jancome on Baby)
7. Sky (Ost The Best Hit)
8. Good Bye Feat Ann (Ost Queen of Mystery)

11. ZIA

1. Tears
2. If You Love me (Feat Haeri Davichi)
3.Have you Ever Cried
4. I know I am the Best
5. Have A Drink Today
6.Just Be Friend
7. Farewell Ridden
8. Dear My Fool

12. Kim Feel


1.True Love
2.Fly To Your Dream
3.Walk To The Sky
4.Nothing With You
5.Stay With Me
6.Ghost In Your Mind (Ost Punch)
7.Youth (Reply 1988 Ost)
8.With You (Ost Tomorrow With You)

13. Roy Kim


1.Bom Bom Bom
3.Maybe I (Ost Another Oh Hae Young)
4.Do Not Love Me
5.Leaving it behind
6.Heaven (Ost Goblin Part 12) Feat Kim Ye Ji
9.Only If
10.By The Way
11.Starlight (Ost The Kings Love)
12.It’d Be Good (Ost While You Were Sleeping)
13. Wave
14.The Great Dipper

14. Huh Gak

1.Along the Days
2.Snow Of april
3.Linger On
4.Tears Like Today (Ost You who came from the star)
5.Already Winter (Feat Vromance)
6.They Are Beautiful
7.That Wind Blows
9.Between Hidden Time
10.As If Nothing Has Happened
11.OASIS (feat A Pink , VICTON)
12.Band-Aid (Feat MC Mong)
13.Since I Met You (Ost Andante Part 1)
14.Only You
15. The Last Night

15. Baek Yerin

1.Bye Bye My  blue
2.As I am
3.Across the universe
4.Its Sea
5.Blooming Memories (Ost Chicago Typewriter)
6.Come Over (Feat DEAN)

16. Yoo Seung Woo

1.Only You –  Feat Heize
2.You’re  Beautiful
3.Whatever – Feat Crucial Star
4.I Think I’m Done Sleeping – Feat Soyu 5.Sistar  Ost Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
6.What Is Love – Feat Seo Hyun Jin Ost Another Miss Oh
7.Take My Hand – Feat Jung Sung Hwa
9.Don’t Worry (Ost Reunited World)
10.Romance (Album ;ROMANCE)
12.500 Day Of Summer
13.Want You
14.I lOVE yOU(Feat Lovey)



    1. 1.Poor Up (Feat Zico Block B)
    1. 2.Bonnie and clyde
    1. 3.Bermuda Triangle (Feat Crush and Zico Block B)
    1. 4.What2do (Feat Crush and Jeff Bernat)
    1. 5.Half Moon (Feat Gaeko)
    1. 6.Starlight (Feat Taeyeon)
    1. 7.I’m Not Sorry (Feat Eric Bellinger)
    1. 8.I Love IT ( Feat Moonk2)
    1. 9.Come Over (Feat Baek Yerin)
    1. 10.And July (Feat Heize)
    1. 11.Love (Feat Syd)
    1. 12.Too Much (Feat LOCO)
    1. 13.Instagram

18. Jung Seung Hwan


1. The Fool
2. In That Winter
3. Wind (Ost Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
4. If Its You (Ost Another Oh Hae Young)
5. Forest
6. The Time I Love You (Ost The Time We Were Not In Love)
7. The Snowman
8. You’re My Spring
9. It’s Raining
10. Excuses
11. Timeline
12. Tumbling Doll
13. At The End Of The Day

19. Jay Park

1.Drive – feat Gray
3.My Last – Feat Gray n Loco
4.Me like yuh
5.All I Wanna Do
6.Solo (feat Hoody)
7.2nd Thots
8.Alone Tonight (Feat Sik-K)
9.I Dont Dissapointed
11.YACHT (Feat Sik-K)

20. TaeWan (C-Luv)



1.I Need You
2.Put Me Down
5.What Do I Call This Feeling

21. Crush Forget Me (Feat Taeyeon)
3.Skip (Feat Hang Sang Won)
4.Beautiful (Ost Goblin)
5.What To Do (Feat Dean)
6.Summer Love
7.Do’t Be Shy (Feat Sik-k)
8. Love Story (Feat Suran)
9. Dust


1.SIXTEEN (Feat Changmo)
2.I’m Ready
3.123 (One Two Three) Feat Maboos
4.With U ( Feat Kim Chungha)
5.I Got it (Feat Maboos)
6.Jewel Box
7.Candy (Album :EYE CANDY)
8.Never Let You Down
11.Crush On You
13. Thousand Times (Ost Cross)
14. Winter Night

23. Heize


1.You, Clouds, Rain (Feat Shin Young Jae)
2.Round and Round (Feat Han Soo Ji) Ost 3.Goblin
4.Shut Up & Groove (Feat DEAN)
6.And July (Feat DEAN)
7.Did You Ride UFO? (Feat Go Young Bae) Ost Jealousy Incarnate
8. Jenga
9. Didn’t Know Me


24. Niihwa


2.Can’t Stop
3.What Should I do
4.What I Want (Ost Mad Dog)

25. Eddy Kim

1.My Love
2.Lovin You
3.Love That Shine LIke Stars (Ost Love In The Moonlight)
4.When Night Falls (Ost While You Were Sleeping)

26. Kevin Oh


  1. Paradise
  2. With Yous (Ost Manhole)
  3. Be My LIght (Ost Chicago Typewriter)

27.Hang Dong Geun Feat Choi Hyo In – Song Of The Wind
28.Giriboy, Mad Clow Feat No Mercy – Young
29.Ahn Taeyeon -Melt
30Jang wooram – Old Song
31.Hyomin -Gold
32.Postmen – Confession
33.Yim Jae Bum – scars deeper than love (Feat Taeyeon)
34.Baek Ah Yeon – Something to say
35.Byun Ji Sub – The Wind
36.Lydia – Miss and Miss
37.Lee Seung Chul-Diary
38.Joo Ye In- Because of That, I
39.Dana – Touch You
40. Kim Bum So – Pain Poem
41. Lee Seung Chul – Diary
42.Lee Ye Joon – I’m Afraid Can’s See You
43.Lee Ye Joon – Love Story
44.Lim Jung Hee (Moon) Ost Mirror Of the Witch
45.Park Ji Eun – Who Love Me
46.Park Jimin – Don’t Leave Me Ost Dear My Friends
47.I’M – Try
48.Kim Bum Soo -Pain Poem
49.Lee Seung Gi – Return.
50.Navi – Don’t Miss You
51.The Daisy – This Love Is Hurt
52.Paul Kim – Rain
53.Lee Min Yong – Time
54.Baek Ah Yeon – Word To say
55.Woo Eun Mi – Hurt And Hurt
56.Kim So Hyun – Secret
57.Seo In Guk – Bebe
58.Mad Clown feat Lee Hae Ri 0f Davichi- Lie
59.Kevin Oh -Paradise
60 I’m – Save Me
61 Park Jimin -Hopeless Love
62.Kevin Oh – Be My Light (Ost Chicago Typewriter)
63.Park Jimin – Walkin (Feat Hash Swan)
64.Seo In Guk – Mint Chocolate (Feat 40)
65.One – Heyahe
66.Suran Feat Dean – 1+1=0
67.Kim Kyu Jong – Wind
68.Zion T -No Make Up
69 Ali -I Love You, I’m Sorry
70 BOA -Implode
71.Joo Won Tak – Baby Good night (Feat Suyeon Of. A.De)
72.Millic – IGLOO (Feat CLUBESKIMO)
73.Ali – Dont Speak (Feat Cheetah)
74.Anh Taeyeon – Melt
75.Juniel – I’m Think I’m in Love
76.Kisum – You And Me (Feat JooYoung)
77. Ali -Island
78. Hwang Chi Yeol – Rewind
79. Suran – Love Story (Feat Crush)
80. Yang Dail, DK (seventeen) – A Piece Of You
81. wh3n – Something That You Left
82. Wh3n – Twenty Five
83. RaV!t – With Kwon Chang Hwan
84. Gavy NJ – You Said You were Happy
85. Uhm Jung Hwa – Delusion (Feat Lee Hyori)
86. Uhm Jung Hwa – So What
87. Kim Dang – 29.9 (Feat Bin Bam)
88. Sime – I Found You
89. Lee Juck – Compass
90. Hang Dong Geun – Like Dust
91. Junho – Winter Sleep
92. Kim Bo Hyung – Moonlight
93. Sleepy – Butterfly

Dibawah ini mereka termasuk member dari anggota Boyband/Girlband, tapi karena mereka mengeluarkan album solo, jadi aku mau masukin mereka ke list ini :

1. Kim Sung Gyu (Infinite)

1. Kontrol
2. I need You
3. Alive
4. The Answer
5. 60 second
6. Daydream Feat Tablo&JW
7. Sorry
8. Sentimental
9. True Love
10. Mirror
11.The Days Erased
12. City Angels
13. Till Sunrise (Feat JW of Nell)
14. Told You So (Feat Punchello)


2. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

1. At Gwanghwamun
2. 7 Year Of Love
3. If You Have Heard
4. Hope Is A dream That Does’nt Sleep
5. Just Once
6. Listen To You
7. A milion Pieces
8. Eternal Sunshine
9. At Close
10. Moment Of Farewell

3. Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation)

1. I
2. And One
3. U R
4 Farewell
5. Closer
6. Why
7. All With You – Ost Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Moon Lovers
8. 11:11
9. Fine
10. I Got Love
11. Feel So Fine
12. Cover Up
13. Time Lapse
14. Lonely Night
15. Fire
16. Eraser

4. G-Dragon (Bigbang)

1. Who You?
2. Crooked
3. Good Boy -Feat Taeyang
4. Baby Good Night – Feat T.O.P
5. That XX
6. Crayon
7. Shake the world
8. Middle Finger-Up

4. Xia Junsu (JYJ)

1. Yesterday
2. Flower
3. Uncommitted
4. Tarantaleggra
5. Time Flower by Since It’s You
6. I Don’t Like Love
7. Love Is Like Snow
8. You’re So Beautiful
9. ButterFly
10. HaTe Those Words
11. Time Flows By Since It’s You (Ost Six Flying Dragons)
12. Love You More
13. Still
14. Don’t Leave Me
15 How Can I Love You (Ost Descendant Of The Sun)

16. Cake Love

5. Hyolyn (Sistar)

1. You Make Me Go Crazy
2. Lonely
3. One Way
4. Erase (Feat Jooyoung)
5. Love Line (Feat Bumkey and Jooyoung)
6. Our Tears (Ost Hwarang)
7. Love Like This (Feat Dok2)


6. Taeyang (Bigbang)

1. Ringa Linga
2. Wedding Dress
3. Eye Nose Lips
4. Love To You Death
5. 1AM
6. Wake Me Up
7. Naked
8. Empty (Feat Zico)


7. Shin Yong Jae

1.That Person (Ost Oh My Venus)
3.I Will Show You
4.The Firs Moment
5.In The Middle Of World (Ost Six Flying 6.Dragons)
8.Wall Clock
9.Lean On
10.Earth And Moon


8. Ravi (VIXX)

1. Ladi Dadi – feat Microdot, Jero
2. Lean On Me
3.Rose _ Feat Ken of VIXX
4. Do The Dance
5. Bomb (Feat San E)
6. Home Alone – Feat Jung Yong Hwa


2.Lean On Me
4.In Love
5.Secret (Feat DK,Katie)
6.I Love You
7.UP (feat Song Mino)
8.Full House (Feat Song Mino)
9.Love dan Fall


1.Soyu – some (Feat Junggigo)
2.D.o – Tell Me What is Love
3.D.o – Scream
4.Baekhyun – Beautyful
5.Jungkook- sofa(cover)
6.Lee Hong Gi -Insensible
7.Taemin -Ace
8.Kihyun -Moon Of Seoul
9.Taehyun – I’m Young
10.Taemin -Press Your Number
11.Taehyun – Confession
12.Ken VIXX – Never Ending story (Feat Choi Sang Yeob)
13. Taemin-Drip Drop
14 I.M (monsta x) – Who Am 1
15 Jungkook – Lost Stars
16.Sandeul feat 17.Baek Ah Yeon – Gift
18.Luna (FX) – Breathe
19.Yugyeom G(Got7) -The Way You Are
20.Yesung (Super Junior) feat Ali -21.ou Are Not Here
22. . Baekhyun (EXO) Feat Soyou (Sistar) – Rain
23.Dasom (Sistar) – You & I
24.Chanyeol (EXO) Feat Punch -Stay With Me
25.Nam Woohyun (Infinite ) – Gravity
26.Nam Woohyun (Infinite) – Nodding
27.Chanyeol (EXO) feat Junggigo – Let Me Love You
28..Kim Jaejoong JYJ- I Will Protect You
29… Zico Feat G.Soul – Anti
30.Xiumin Feat Mark (Nct) – Young and Free
31.Ten (NCT) – Dream In A Dream
32.Mark (Nct) Feat Park Jae Jung – Lemonade Love
35.Taeyong (NCT)- Cure (Feat Yoo Young Jin)
34.Park Kyung (Block-B) – Wiped
36.Yunho (TVXQ) – Drop
37.Shin Hye Sung (Shinwa ) – Sound Of Rain
38.Kihyun -One More Step
39. J-Hope – HopeDream
40. Airplane




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