Daftar Lagu Davichi yang Enak Didengar


Anyyeong.. Kali ini aku mau rekomendasiin Grup Duo yang menurut aku ratunya ballad! Genre musik yang paling aku suka.. Grup Duo ini beranggotakan Lee Hae Ri dan Kang Min Kyung . Dibawah ini beberapa judul lagu yang bener-bener enak banget buat didengerin dan cocok dijadiin playlist favorit di ponsel.

  1. It’s Okay Thats Love
  2. Do Men Cry
  3. If You Love Me (Lee Hae Ri Feat Zia)
  4. Cry Again
  5. Momen
  6. To You
  7. Just The Two of Us
  8. Can I Love Again (Feat 4Men)
  9. Two Women’s Room
  10. You’re My Everything
  11. Things That Still Come Up in My Memori
  12. Spring
  13. Cry For Love
  14. Don’t You Know
  15. Turtle
  16. Old Love
  17. The Mind-Feat Highbrow
  18. You Call it Romance-Feat K.will
  19. This Love (Ost Descendant of the sun)
  20.  Is Love Funny
  21. Nagging
  22. One Person’s Story
  23. Arm Pillow
  24. Secret
  25. Don’t Move
  26. Because I’m a Girl
  27. Forgetting You (Ost Moon Lover : Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  28.   Autumn Night (Album 50 x HALF)
  29. Beside Me (Album 50 x HALF)
  30. Hate that I Miss You (Lee Hae RI solo)
  31. Even Though (Lee Hae Ri solo)
  32. Paper star’s Dream )Lee Hae Ri Solo)
  33. Pattern (Lee Hae Ri Davichi)
  34. You To Me
  35. Higher Plane (Feat Flowsik Ost Criminal Mind)
  36. I Miss You (Ost While You Were Sleeping)
  37. Never Love
  38. Days Gone By
  39. Love You More
  40. Can We
  41. Just The Two Of Us

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